June 11, 2013
Effective immediately, Spark Restaurant is closed.
The building in which we lease space recently entered foreclosure due to default by our landlord.  In the process, the court appointed a trustee to manage all tenant leases.  That trustee has decided not renew our lease in spite of our insistent offers to re-sign another five-year lease at even higher lease rates.  We can only presume that the trustee has decided to lease our space to a new tenant rather than renew a lease with us.
While Spark has been profitable and consistently experiencing rising sales, moving the restaurant to another location would be extremely costly.   As much as we would love to continue operations, we cannot justify another huge wave of investment to move the business.
And so today, unfortunately, we will close our doors.
I want to thank the amazing and loyal guests who have supported Spark over the last five years. I am grateful for your patronage and love of our small, but always sincere, business.
To all of the employees who dedicated themselves to serving and cooking for our guests, I can’t express enough appreciation. Your hard work (damn those double shifts, right?), loyalty, friendship, humor, and passion to see Spark thrive always meant and will always mean the world to me.  You know who you are.
Finally, a huge thank you to my family who offered the kind of support only a family can.  While Spark quite literally became my new home for a solid five years, I always knew my real home was just a phone call or quick Sunday drive away.
With all that said, a heartfelt and appreciative goodbye to an incredible and memorable five years in business,
Blake Ballard
Spark Restaurant